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Great or small vacancies, family festivals or weekends of in love, the calendar multiplies the occasions and circumstances of escapades…

A stage on the road of the ski resorts or towards great blue, the Inn Strapping man offers to you the alternative of an original reception in the cordial decoration of a house dedicated to the good progress of the stay of its hosts, a little as in a transitory second home….

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Tourist information office of St Bonnet in Champsaur

Find all the news of the Valley of Champsaur, the events, the sites to be visited, the leisure activities, the storekeepers...

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Saint-Bonnet en Champsaur, historic capital of the Valley of Champsaur situated in the department of the Hautes-Alpes, is one of rare medieval villages of the French Alps.

Situated on the road Napoleon, on the border between Dauphiné and Provence and adjoining the National park of Cases. Saint-Bonnet en Champsaur shows of prestigious past and protects for centuries its cultural heritage ardently.

The geographical position of Saint-Bonnet en Champsaur, at the heart of the Valley, the offer of the possibilities of leisure activities and uncountable discoveries, winter as summer: Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, mountain climbing, hikes, on horseback(by horse) or in rackets(snowshoes), canoeing, raft, golf go fishing in mountain, swimming pool...

You will find in Saint-Bonnet en Champsaur and in its close neighborhood all the activities about which you can dream and even more...

The geographical position of Saint-Bonnet en Champsaur allows a mixture of the alpine and Mediterranean climates, it is the sun, the pure and fresh(cool) air(sight). In summer as in winter, the possibilities offered to the tourists are numerous and varied.

The landscape mainly consists of bocage of mountain which makes the originality and the environmental wealth of this territory. By going(taking) up towards the peak Queyrel, the meadows of bottom(stocking) of valley give way little by little to the pastures of height. Numerous hikes(rides) through the bocage or towards summits are possible from St-hat.

Unless 30 km, there is a valley of Valgaudemar where the budding(in the blade) climbers have a selection of 30 summits of more than 3000 meters.

Fête du terroir

Every year, our village finds itself abruptly plunged a century behind. All the inhabitants rerelease the suits(costumes) of their forefathers and organize demonstrations(appearances) which make the enjoyment of thousands of visitors who come to join(contact) them the space of timeless day. 300 extras and more than 7 000 spectators give in this day a particular brightness. )]

An illustrious heritage

Left Gap on March 6th, 1815, Napoleon is applauded by the inhabitants of Saint-Bonnet en Champsaur come to meet him/her massively.

But the most illustrious of the characters to have crossed the history(story) of Saint-Bonnet en Champsaur is François de Bonne, Duke de Lesdiguières and Supreme commander of France of whom Henri IV said that he " was cunning as a Fox ".

His(Her,Its) native house is opened to the public almost every day, because it shelters no more and no less that the post office of the village!