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Ecrins National Park

The Ecrins National Park proposes to you be and winter of the activities discovered, the meetings, the debates, film projections, the meetings of observation of fauna on Molines or in the valleys of Champsaur/Valgaudemar.

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What a national park?

It is a generally vast territory of which the biological wealth, landscape quality, the cultural interest and the historically preserved character justify a protection and a management which guarantee the perenniality of this heritage considered as exceptional. Since the law of April 14th, 2006, the park is composed of a regulated heart and a surface of adhesion.

Protected space, the heart is the object of a specific regulation whereas the surface of adhesion is defined on the basis of charter proposed with the communes.

Evaluated and revised every 15 years, this project of territory translates an ecological solidarity between the surrounding heart and spaces by implementing the economic valorization of the heritage and the sustainable development of the adherent communes. The national park is managed by a public corporation which depends on the Ministry for Ecology, Energy, Sustainable development and the Sea.

Jewel cases: its history, its territory, its missions

It is a long story. For the transitory creation of a “national park of Bérarde” in 1913, it is necessary to wait until 1973 for the official creation of the Ecrins National Park under the impulse of the mountaineers, associations naturalists and the French Alpine Club. Organized in sectors, the Park is pressed on teams of ground in charge of management and the daily animation of this vast territory. The houses of the park are permanent places of reception of public and meetings with the local actors. In parallel, the seat is equipped with services sets of themes which ensure the follow-up of the transverse missions.

The geographical sectors relate to two departments, Hautes-Alpes and Isere and two areas: Provence-Alp-Coast-in Azure and Rhône-Alpes.

The Ecrins National Park is one of the nine French national parks with Vanoise, Port-Cross-country race, the Pyrenees, the Cevennes, Mercantour, the Guadeloupe, Reunion and Guyana.