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Great or small vacancies, family festivals or weekends of in love, the calendar multiplies the occasions and circumstances of escapades…

A stage on the road of the ski resorts or towards great blue, the Inn Strapping man offers to you the alternative of an original reception in the cordial decoration of a house dedicated to the good progress of the stay of its hosts, a little as in a transitory second home….

To feel at the same time as at home and better than at the house… The Inn Strapping man, history to escape…


The Table

Dining room...

Open every day. Closed on Monday and Tuesday Open every day in July August and during the school holidays.

You will discover a creative cuisine renewed daily when the flavors and the smells from here and there play between them subtileme

Nicolas to welcome you funnily and relaxation and Julien in cooking will know how to treat your papillae. A prepared cooking house and renewed at every meal where the alliance of the smells and the flavors from here and there is always a new alchemy. A cooking inspired by the traditional local recipes, the recipes forgotten of our big mothers revisited in the sauce " contemporary cooking ".

Our cooking becomes soaked with several sources: world food, French cooking, vegetarian cooking, Organic cooking, former varieties of vegetables, former recipes. We develop a cooking food slow dance and look for producers’ maximum of our valleys. A new selection for summer, 2013: vegetables, goat cheese, tomme cheese of cow, tomme cheese of ewe, ox, meat of goat and lamb

In mind of the Inns of formerly, for the moment, we propose you a unique menu rather on reservation to guarantee the freshness, the quality of products and the "home-made" in 95 % of your meal


Menu (entered / dish(flat) / cheese / dessert) 18.9€ Children’s menu (the Same meal as Dad and Mom) 9.5€ Children’s menu (For the whimsical contemporary children) Steak / chips 9.5€

We adapt or we also concoct your meal according to your food intolerances, allergies, choices and personal convictions. It is enough to specify it to us during your call.

A need, a particular desire(envy) we realize your desires.

Organization of your birthday(anniversary), sideboards(buffets), wedding meal, baptisms, séminaires (capacity 40 persons, working room in free diposition) , family meal etc. Organization of theme evenings.

Salon de thés.

***We suggest you all year round discovering our teas of the world, perfumed and herb teas of flowers and mixed fruits. And all summer a different iced tea every day.

Quite our teas are diponibles in the sale in 50 and 100 grams.

Ice-cold Pleasures

From the beautiful days it is the moment to come to indulge itself and to taste(savour) good home-made ice creams made in the Hautes-Alpes. Sea-buckthorn, Génépi, Blueberry, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Chartreuse, Chestnut, Spéculos, Tiramisu, Cinnamon etc....